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Gorean Slavery

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Story of Gor, Daughter of Gor – Part 2 – Adventures of Gorean Evolved Panther Girls

John Frederick Lange, Jr. The Chronicles of Gor starts out as a Planetary Romance before moving on to a sex-slave culture where most of the female main characters are legally property. On Gor, some Sufficiently Advanced Aliens decided to take humans from various eras in human history and dump them together and see what happens, after removing any type of firearm and burning anyone who tries to violate said ban. For a complete list of the books, see that other Wiki. A complete subculture has been spawned by these books, taking the philosophy of these books and applying them to their daily lives. Loosely adapted from the first two books, the films depict professor Tarl Cabot's adventures after being magically transported to Gor. For better or worse, the films toned down the sex-slavery aspect.
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Story of Gor, Daughter of Gor – Part 2

Slavery in Gor is not like slavery on Earth, whether in its past or in its current state at all. This page is specifically about trying to understand and inform on the cultural and emotional aspect of what Gorean slavery means and is. This is by no means totally conclusive and by no means exhaustive.
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Dear readers, every now and again the discussion in the GE panther world arises about the possibility of herms being bred as slaves and escaping to join panther girl tribes. The novel Daughter of Gor is often referred to as a basis for legitimizing this claim, however , what is often overlooked is that this is a piece of fanfiction and not from the pen of John Norman. Aurore of the Sardar is however a well written piece of fanfiction in my opinion.
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