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Find out if someone can actually have a masturbation addiction, and learn about treatment and support issues. Masturbation, porn and other sexually-based activities can be considered an addiction under certain circumstances. Some treatment programs and therapists note that using masturbation as a way to fall asleep or as a way to control anxiety can indicate an addiction. However, moderate use of masturbation or other sexual activity for relaxation or stress relief cannot actually be called an addiction. As long as you're not hurting yourself or anyone else , healthy sexual activity is not a problem like an addiction is. To be an actual masturbation addiction, porn addiction or other sexual addiction , the sexual activities need to meet the following criteria:.
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Masturbation Addiction

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Sexual Compulsives Anonymous is a step support group for people dealing with sexual addiction or sexual compulsivity. It was first established in and is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous AA. This support group embraces principles that are similar but not identical to those of AA. One similarity includes coming to accept that you are powerless against the compulsion to act out sexually, but understanding that with help, you can still lead a happy, fulfilling life. Part of the process includes gaining a greater understanding of what sexual compulsivity means and how it manifests itself in your life.
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Crystal Meth Recovery

Tina, T, crank, crystal, ice, jib, meth, speed. Meth can have more numerous, and more intense negative health impacts than some of the other drugs on this site. These include:. Explore in greater detail experiential strategies for using meth more safely, for help in decreasing use, and reclaiming sex and life after meth. Staying Off Crystal.
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Since the harm reduction issue did not cover steps for recovery, this article discusses the model used at Fenway, which is a health clinic for gay men and women. The guide is based on slides from Turner and Halprin's presentation at the social workers conference. Most importantly, it should be understood that recovery from crystal meth is possible, says Halpin, a licensed social worker, despite the fact that the drug has more profound effects in the brain and the body than other illicit substances. Crystal meth is linked to the HIV epidemic because over the past several years it has been seen as causing many new infections among gay men. Officials from the L.
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